Why Choose Stationary Metal Analyzers?

Jul. 27, 2017

Stationary Metal Analyzers provide several distinct advantages for any metal analysis user:

1、Complete alloy chemistry within a matter of seconds on most metal samples;
2、Alloy grade identification almost instantaneously;
3、Ergonomic, lightweight design for all-day comfortable use;
4、Take the instrument to the sample, not the sample to the instrument;
5、Can be used in high-temperature environments, such as petrochemical piping;
6、All results are auto-saved for perfect record keeping and chain of custody;
7、Ability to analyze wide range of elements simultaneously, from Mg (magnesium) to U (uranium);
8、Completely nondestructive metal analysis does not alter the sample in any way;
9、Available optional small-spot analysis area collimator and camera allow user to visually identify and

record specific small areas or components within a larger context;
10、 Very easy-to-use instrument is simply point-and-shoot for most applications;
11、Industry-leading accuracy;

Stationary Metal Analyzers?