Optical Atomic Spectroscopy Techniques

Jun. 27, 2018

The analysis of the electromagnetic spectrum of components is named Optical Atomic Spectroscopy. Electrons exist at energy levels in an atom. These amounts have defined energies and electrons going between them need to absorb or emit energy equivalent to the gap between them. In ICP OES Spectrometer, the power consumed to transfer an electron into a more lively level or the power emitted as the electron moves to a less lively energy amount is in the shape of a photon. The wavelength of the emitted radiant energy is related to the digital transition that has happened. Since every component has a distinctive electronic arrangement, the wavelength of light emitted is a special property of every individual component. Since the orbital configuration of a huge atom might be complicated, there are lots of electronic transitions which may happen, each transition causing the emission of a characteristic wavelength of light.

ICP OES Spectrometer