Stationary Metal Analyzers Is Characterized by Fast, Precise Analysis

Jun. 12, 2018

Arc spark spectrometers may be used for several elements of the manufacturing cycle including in-coming review of materials, metal processing, and quality management of semi-finished and completed products and a number of other programs where a chemical makeup of the metallic substance is necessary.

To satisfy the divergent Metal Analyser China needs of this market, FPI developed two of the primary arc spark optical emission spectroscopy tools: the M5000 Metal Analyzer. Both were created to satisfy the distinctive needs of their end user.

Stationary Metal Analyzer M5000 Each tool contains individual strengths, characterized by rapid and exact identification, and simplicity of use and dependability. Innovative technologies, for example M5000´s UV-PLUS system, recently developed analytical procedures and algorithms for discovering sample flaws, form the foundation for its outstanding performance of those top metal analyzers.

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