Uses Of M5000 Metal Analyzer

Apr. 12, 2018

Stationary Metal Analyzers is a popular type of measuring instrument commonly used in physicochemical analysis of enterprises. Because it is easy to use and fast to test, it is widely used in field analysis and can quantitatively test the percentage of metal elements in metal or non-metal materials. Has been widely used in metallurgy, foundry, machinery, chemical industry, environmental protection, quality inspection and other industries, can be easily and quickly for raw material acceptance, furnace analysis, product testing and other aspects of product testing.

The M5000 Metal Analyzer has the advantages of simple structure, relatively low price, easy operation and convenient maintenance. After the metal elements of the sample are dissolved and developed in the preset or replaced wavelength measurement range, the measurement data can be easily obtained. It can store, modify and extract the standard curve, which can not only obtain the measurement results quickly and conveniently, but also can reduce multiple calibration steps such as target calibration and results comparison in use, and can greatly reduce the use of consumables. Save a lot of testing costs for the company.

M5000 Spectrometer for Metal Trace Analysis